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Riggingman Lifting shackle

BOW SHACKLE 4-150T.jpg

We are proud to introduce a range of high quality lifting shackles for a wide range of application.Our Riggingman Lifting shackles are manufactured in our own forging factory in Qingdao, specialized in quality shackle production for nearly 30 years. Our shackle program include the following shackle types.
Standard lifting shackles,  bow and dee types with screw pin or safety bolt.

Arctic Lifting shackles, bow type with safety bolt for extreme climate and offshore container lifting.

Super Lifting shackles, bow type with safety bolt with appr. 60% increased WLL compared to standard shackles.

US type Shackle with forged bolt and all parts hot dip galvanized, Safety factor 6.0.
Heavy duty shackle with WLL >120T and Wide body sling shackles.


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